Tired of Typing?

Making out AP Invoices for Credit Card Statements can be a real drag. Sage Paperless Construction has you covered, though. With the Credit Card importer, all you need to do is get a credit card statement in Quickbooks or Quicken format and those lines will come right in, already typed out; no special setup needed. Just tell Paperless how to split those transactions into invoices (or just put them all in one) and go!

If your credit card company doesn't offer Quickbooks or Quicken format, then you can also use CSV (or Excel, saved as CSV) and set up a custom mapping. This generally takes about 10 minutes, and only has to be done once. After that, just like the other formats, you can bring the statement in and split it into transactions with just a couple of clicks.

But wait, there's more! If you've been recording your credit card receipts throughout the month--you have, haven't you?--then you can automatically match the receipt to the credit card transaction and Paperless will code the line for you!

You can find setup information for Credit Card Importer here, though I definitely recommend reaching out to Bangert for assistance if you need to use CSV format.